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Chinese Shar Pei Calendar 2011

chinese shar pei calendar 2011

The much-loved Chinese Shar Pei Dogs 2011 Wall Calendar is the ideal gift for any Shar Pei lover this year. The cost with shipping worldwide makes 20 euro. For more information click here.

Moscow, Russia

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Chinese shar pei club Chernyi Chizh

Our shar pei worldwide

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January 16, 2016 Congratulations to all entrants of the National Shar Pei Specialty Show "Golden Sharpei 2016"

We're very grateful to our owners who participated and reached such great results.

Congratulations to Vladimir Kozyrev and Chernyi Chizh Onegin with a win in the junior males class and winning the title Junior Club Champion!

Alina Sorokina and Chernyi Chizh Octavian with a second place in the junior males class .

E. Glazova and Chernyi Chizh Lazurnyi Bereg with a third place in the intermediate class,

Tatyana Grishina and Chernyi Chizh Zurbagan the first place in the intermediate, winning the title of Best Male and BEST OF BREED!

Hrychevu Elena and Chernyi Chizh Zaratustra to the second place in the intermediate class,

Chernyi Chizh U Vseh Na Sluhu (owned by Tatyana ) with a second place in the open class

Chernyi Chizh Dalai Lama (owned by ) to the first place in winners class ,

Brekkukots MVP For Chernyi Chizh (breed by Susanna Björnsson) with a first place in the class of Champions males

Olga and Oleg Okolelov and their pets: Chernyi Chizh Vesomyi Argument with an excellent performance in Champions males class , Chernyi Chizh Zooto Inkov with a third place in intermediate females class, Chernyi Chizh Oh Happy Day with a victory in the Club Champions Club females class

Irdens Gold In Love Again Chernyi Chizh ( breed by Irina Zolina ) with a second place in the intermediate class

and Chernyi Chizh Iliada with the enchanting performance in the winners females class and second place

Chernyi Chizh Polosa Vezeniya (breed and owned by with the second place in the Champions females class

Chernyi Chizh Oh May Darling with a victory in the Club Champions females class

Thank you for the excellent work a judge from England Claire Davis! We was so happy to meet you in real life! PICTURES COOMING SOON




13-04-2013 Regional Shar Pei Specialty,Moscow, Chernyi Chizh Polosa Vezeniya - BEST FEMALE and BEST OF BREED, Chernyi Chizh Vesomyi Argument (owner - BEST MALE! Huge thanks to the honorable judge: Mrs. Grace Fritz,USA


International dog show Padova 2013. hernyi chizh Genuine Risk - JBOB. Big thanks to the judges Richard Hellman and Roberta Semenzato and congratulations to owner Dalila Papi!

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Is the Chinese Shar pei ancient breed? There is no such thing as powerful evidence of this theory. If not  where we can find a truth? Try to look  into a matter of the Chinese Shar Pei origin >>>


Connect the breeder and Shar Pei lovers in our community section.

Shar pei lovers club

Welcome to the site of Shar Pei virtual club!
Our goal is to create an online encyclopedia dedicated to the Chinese Shar Pei dog breed.
Of course, this site is designed not only for breeders and veterinarians - it can be interesting to everyone.
If you are concerned with Shar Pei, here you’ll find answers to all your questions. And if you won’t, ask us directly and we’ll do our best
to respond as fast and exactly as it possible. If you have some interesting experience or diverting stories about your pet, you can
share them with others by starting a blog. In future we plan to open access to this forum to all Shar Pei lovers.
On our site you can find thousands of Shar Pei photos taken on a show ring and in everyday life.
What is more, you have a possibility to get superb photos of your own pet by ordering a photo session with our photographer who’s
an old hand at taking pictures of Shar Pei and dogs of other breeds.
Our kennel has been engaged in breeding Shar Pei since 1994, and we still discover new facets of this breed.
There is the opinion, that there are a lot of problems in keeping Shar Pei – diseases, complex feeding, care. The situation was really
that kind 10-15 years ago. Fortunately, these times are gone; the breed has passed the summit of its popularity and now more and
more breeders use serious and accurate approaches. Every mating is well-planned. Less attention is paid to the blind pursuit for
fashionable colors; the flawless conformation and perfect health of stud dogs are much more important. Amount of long-lived dogs
increases; they are less suffering from allergy; dog care minimizes.
What distinguishes Shar Pei among other breeds? Someone can say: “They’re just dogs, what’s so special about them?” But to fully
realize Shar Pei first you must take some unique features of these wonderful dogs into account.
Shar Pei can seem arrogant and independent, but it is only a show for strangers. Within a family circle Shar Pei reveal their wonderful
temper. Every Shar Pei is a vivid personality, and each has its own temper.
What we want to do is dispel some myths and delusions surrounding Shar Pei and create a real and true image of the breed.

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