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I have two female shars. One is 8 and the other is 2. They sometime get along but not all the time. They have been together for only 3 weeks. My question is will they ever get aling?
19.10.2017 - Jeffrey holden

We have a four years old female Chinese Shar-Pei. This is our third Shar-Pei. this is the first that does not accept vet visits. We are desperately searching for a muzzle that will stay on her short, wide snout and subject her to minimal pain. We have searched all over the inter-net without success. Any suggestions, please?
06.09.2017 - John

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03.09.2017 - GuestAmeno

I have a 6year old blue male shar pei.. He has swollen hocks on his back legs. He does not seem to be in any pain nor does he limp. Have you ever seen this before??
16.07.2017 - Barbara

Color of my Shar Pei
I purchased a Shar Pei and need to register him with AKC. How do I determine what color he is considered?
17.04.2017 - Scott Wilson

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