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24.09.2020 - Kevinenank

Shar pei loosing hair, red spots and itchy
We have a 5 month old male shar pei. For 2 weeks we been giving him vets medication for allergies, medicated shampoo and slowly
changing his food. We also give him Omega 3 oil in his food. But it has gotten worse instead than better. What is recommended?
02.04.2020 - User

HI this is my first time have Shar Pei she just 7 month old fist 4 months i take care her bath she never has any problem but July i has Surgery i can't give her the bath ,i bring her to Petsmart they take her a bath after that she skin star red itchy i have take her to the vet,they special shapoo and medication not help now she hot spot all over her body itchy some time red i change her food and shampoo i give omega 3 6 9 and allergy medication not help .can you help me tell what to do my poor baby .i still learning Shar Pei bred .thank you
22.09.2019 - Christina Ho

Skin torn off from bite
We adopted a new pup after one of our long time babies passed away. Our Shar-Pei is okay with the new dog, however, yesterday she walked up behind him and attacked him. In self-defense, the new dog reach back and bit her in the face. The bite punctured he skin below her eye, but when he pulled back it ripped a 2" piece of skin off. It didn't bleed, and the mucus under her skin was sticky and pooling. Is there anything I can do to help this wound heal? I have cleaned it and put antibiotic on it. thanks
29.03.2019 - User

I have a 27 week Shar Pei and I am looking at getting her eyes Tacking, which I believe opens them up a little or enough for them to comfortably see everything as her eye lashes are curling into her eyes, yes I am clearly a novice at this and would appreciate some guidance as to what if anything I should do and where in the South West UK is the best place to get the problem fixed. Many thanks for any help
12.05.2018 - User

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