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Aisedora Dunkan Chernyi Chizh aka Asya

Aisedora Dunkan got her name because of her restless nature. She's not just running around during a walk, she swirls in a fascinating dance and receives well deserved applause. Her grace and soaring  movements elicit a constant admiration from the audience.


O`Evrika Uganda

  • J.European Winner

  • J.RUS Champion

  • RUS Champion

  • Eurasian Champion

Our top quality chocolate bitch.Ustine has finished her Junior Championship during 2 weekends with 3 Best of Shar Pei Breed out of 4 dog shows. She`s the first chocolate Shar Pei, which got Junior European Winner title! Thanks to the many judges who put her up.

Owner: Tatiana Chernousova

Iron Forge Rosie Chernyi Chizh

  • Юный Чемпион России

  • Чемпион России

Юча это не шарпей, это вообще не собака, это розовая антилопа не меньше. Более грациозного шарпея вряд ли можно найти. Сердце ухает вниз от восторга, когда наблюдаешь Ючку на прогулке, в полете..А характер? Как в песне БГ: "если бы камень умел говорить, он не стал бы смотреть тебе в след":) Верх достоинства и аристократизма.

Юся приехала к нам из американского питомника Айрон Форж, она сестра Хагена по отцу-одному из самых знаменитых и титулованных шарпеев Америки CH O-Na-Pei YK Shuda Been A Cowboy

Owner: Яна Мишина & Надежда Шиманович

Chernyi Chizh Desire

  • Junior Russian Champion

  • Russian Champion

  • Eurasian Champion

  • Belarusian  Champion

Desire...She is the image of devotion and she knows only one person in all world -her owner. Nothing else matters.She shoot her cuffs as mum and show dog. I don't doubt that she will win again.

Owner: Tatyana Chernousova

Chernyi Chizh Estampa

  • Junior Russian Champion

  • Junior Clun Winner

  • Tai Li Club Winner`2005(BOB)

  • Russian Champion

  • "Russia`2006" Winner

  • Club Champion`2006

  • Grand Champion

  • V.World Winner`2006

Estampa is one of  the best our females, excellent brood bitch. Esta`s show career started with multiple BOB from the puppy classes over top specials. She`s V.World Winner girl with beatiful breed type, movement and profile.Her temperament and attitude are truly amazing.She`s the most loving, outgoing and energetic shar pei dog we have ever had. We are very blessed to have Estampa in our lines and we are very proud of her children show successes. 

Owner: Yana Mishina

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