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Shar-Pei puppies pictures of different colors: blue, lilac, red, chocolate



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Shar Pei puppies - rainbow of colors

Shar Pei puppies - rainbow of colors

All puppies are incredibly beautiful as well as children. In each laid an incredible appeal and each in its own good. Blue, lilac, red, chocolate, apricot - like myself to keep all. Have a look at these pictures themselves, will be able to resist? All these puppies have long grown up and live in different parts of the world: someone in Thailand, someone in France, someone in the U.S., and someone in Brazil etc. Somebody has long been a champion, but someone has never been at the shows. All so different and similar at the same time, these puppies sharpei one thing in common-they are all from our kennel, and each in its time we nurse on our  hands)) are so expensive and close our puppies - may God give you good and happy lives and health more.

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