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Blue shar pei Mingmei,



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Chernyi Chizh Love Me Tender

Chernyi Chizh Love Me Tender

owned by Vincent J. DeCicco: From my family to yours, we thank you very much for letting us bring Mingmei into our lives.  She is so sweet and playful, and she has quickly become the center of attention in our family.  Mingmei is the greatest Christmas gift that any of us has ever received.  Her looks and personality have exceeded even our highest expectations.  We hope to start her in some puppy training classes within the next few weeks.  Until then, we will let her adjust to her new home.  Thanks again for everything, and we will keep in touch as Mingmei gets older.  Until then please enjoy the pictures of Mingmei with her new mother, brother, father, and home.

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