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Moscow, Russia

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We ship our dogs through out the World

Our Shar Pei pups live in different cities of the USA, England, France, Holland and we have many references to share.They are shipped counter to counter which means you can pick up your puppy at the airport counter. In our experience this has proven to be a safe convenient way of transport, with personal attention paid to each dog. See our pups worldwide.

Our Premises

All our Shar Pei puppies are kept indoors. From the early age they adjust to the environment in the best possible way. All of our Shar Pei dogs have wonderful loving temperaments and reproduce this temperament in their puppies.

Our Philosophy

There is much more to breeding than Shar Pei puppies for sale. We aim at raising healthy show dogs. We do not them through agents or brokers. Instead we personally deal with every customer to take care of the puppy and follow up the dog for the rest of its life. Measures are taken to protect all our puppies against dysplasia and other abnormal diseases. All dogs from the nursery are supervised by leading kynologists, inoculated according to the age and branded. We offer official pedigree certificates of the Russian Kynological Federation.

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Shar pei puppies

Chernyi Chizh Red Paradise Apple
Date of birth:
type of coat:
red fawn 

J. RUS Champion, J. Club Winner, Russian Champion, Club Champion, Grand Champion Misteriya Del Esto Omniya Gloriya and  J. RUS Champion, RUS Champion Success Gary Poter Chernyi Chizh

Junior Russian Champion

This girl is the best in the litter. Very neat. Temperamental and brisk. 


More information about the puppy

Shar Pei puppies' appearance is so uncommon, that it attracts a great number of would-be buyers. If you want to get a Shar Pei puppy, it is very important to make a wise choice. The first thing you should do before hunting for a Shar pei for sale is to determine if a Shar Pei dog answers purposes of yours and your family.

Chinese shar pei pups are the best variant for those who is eager to have a sentry dog at home, because a Shar pei is suspicious of strangers but is very friendly to the members of the family. Shar Pei puppies are a perfect choice, if the family consists not just of grown-ups but also of children and cats - their early socialization is to the good. But remember, that Shar Pei, males especially, often can be aggressive to the dogs of other breeds. Shar Pei pups are not for you if you are a quiet person, because these puppies need sound and consistent upbringing. Shar Pei is notable for its independence and obstinacy.  Very often it means that Shar Pei puppy will hardly heed a quiet person.

All our puppies are bred under conditions of a flat and they are environment-adapted. We pay much attention to our dogs' character, and the characters of both grown up Shar Peis and puppies are friendly and loving.  If you  we sign a contract, which is an assurance of puppy substitution in case of a genetic or congenital disease.

Shar pei cost depends upon many factors. First of all you should decide what your purpose of buying a shar pei puppy is. Even the puppies of the same litter may differ much. If you want your dog to be a participant of shows, which are a real sport that has seduced many people, you need Chinese shar pei puppies with a big show potential and excellent bloodlines. Don't hurry up with such a purchase. Internet is full of the advertisements: "shar pei for sale", "Chinese shar pei for sale", "buy shar pei puppies", "Chinese shar pei dogs for sale", but only about 10-15 per cent of them can participate in dog shows. In this case a puppy that is not so small is preferable. Its teeth should change. First of all it'll save you the risk of the overshot bite after the teeth change, and at this age all the merits and defects of the puppy are articulate. Shar Pei grow very quick and often they have proportions of a grown-up dog at age of 6 month.  Don't forget about puppy's character. It should be sociable, it shouldn't be afraid of strangers, because character means a half of success at the show. A price of such puppies fluctuates from 2000 to 3000$ with shipping and all papers included. We suggest such shar pei puppies for sale with an indemnity contract of the show quality of a dog.

If you are not interested in show future, you may buy a Shar Pei puppy of an average quality but with a pedigree. Why is the pedigree so important for a puppy if it doesn't leave even a sofa? If you buy a cheap Shar-Pei with unknown heredity you have a risk to buy a dog with problems. People who practice dogs' mating for profit only do not think about health and temperament of the litter. As a result the price of this dog increases because of the health expenses. We devote great care to our Shar-Peis health and we import the studs with the long-livers in their pedigree. All our dogs are friendly, especially with children.  

An average quality Shar Pei dog's price starts from 1600$-2000$ with shipping and papers included. But in any case every master of our dogs can expect twenty-four-hour attention, no matter what quality the dog is.

Should you not find exactly what you are looking for, or need to talk about the dog you want, please contact us.

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