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Shar pei information

Shar Pei skin allergies
Shar Pei skin allergies

Maybe this has happened to you: You’re reading or watching TV or at your computer, and your dog is lying on the carpet near you. You’re absorbed in what you are doing, but all of a sudden, you realize that your dog is licking or chewing himself, or scratching his ear with a hind paw. “Hey!” you say to your dog. “Stop that!” Your dog stops, looks at you, and wags his tail. You go back to doing what you were doing – and a few minutes later, you hear the tell-tale sounds of licking or chewing or scratching again. Every dog does a certain amount of self-grooming to keep himself clean – and every dog owner should be aware of how much is normal, and how much is too much, because “too much” is often the first indication that a dog is having an allergy attack


Chinese Shar Pei origin
Chinese fighting dog breed being extinct and recreated in 1960

Is the Chinese Shar pei ancient breed? There is no such thing as powerful evidence of this theory. If not  where we can find a truth? Try to look  into a matter of the Chinese Shar Pei origin >>>


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